ECAHO – Jaroslav Lacina

The Official Letter of Support from ECAHO President Jaroslav Lacina

Subject: Dismissal of Mrs. Anna Stojanowska, Mr. Marek Trela and Mr. Jerzy Bialobok

Dear Mr. Jurgiel,

Please let me contact you regarding the dismissal of three functionaries of your Ministry of Agriculture – Inspector of Horse breeding resort of Ministry of Agriculture, Mrs. Anna Stojanowska, Director of Janów Podlaski Stud Mr. Marek Trela and Director of Michalów Stud Mr. Jerzy Bialobok – which happened quite unexpectedly on Friday 19th February 2016.

My name is Jaroslav Lacina and I am contacting you on behalf of the European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations (ECAHO) in which I represent my country (Czech Republic) since 1998 and in which I am executing the position of the President already the fifth year. At this moment I am representing the voice of 34 ECAHO Member countries from the whole Europe, Middle East and North Africa. The occurred changes in your resort were for all of us so much surprising that we feel the need to express our unanimous opinion. For this reason we would like to kindly ask you for reading of this letter and considering of the relevant steps.

Our organization ECAHO exists already since 1983 and it is mainly focused in the establishing of rules for shows and exhibitions of Purebred Arabian horses, training of Officials for these events (Judges, Disciplinary Committee members, Ring stewards) and enforcement of the rules, mainly concerning welfare of the horses at the events. Poland is the esteemed Member of our organization and one of its founders. Since the beginning Poland was very respected among ECAHO Members thanks to its tradition in breeding of Purebred Arabian horses and also for the successes that have been achieved regularly for decades at the international shows of Purebred Arabian horses. It means also successes in the breeding itself.

Poland has kept this respect, appreciation and success until the present days thanks to hard work, incredibly big experience and integrity of the representatives at the national and international level. As proof of the above stated I can mention the high level positions executed by Polish representatives in our international organization. Mrs. Anna Stojanowska is the Vice-President of ECAHO, Mr. Marek Trela is the Treasurer and Mr. Jerzy Bialobok was nominated as his successor. All these three built up the highest possible respect and appreciation nationally and also in our organization for their work, breeding successes and results in the most important Purebred Arabian horse shows organized in the whole world. All three mentioned people were and still are an example of honesty, integrity and diligence and they were never connected with any scandal, manipulations or intrigues. They always worked and they are still working for the common profit and they never prioritized their own interests to the interests of Poland or the Arabian horses.

All three dismissed persons are on the ECAHO list of international Judges of Purebred Arabian horses. Their knowledge and skills are already for long time highly appreciated by all breeders of Arabian horses. It is not surprising – breeding results of the Arabian horses from Polish national Studs are since years strongly on the rise and nowadays they are on top of success – which is seen from many Gold titles won at the highest category shows and exhibitions for Arabian horses within the whole world.

Another unquestionable proof of the successful work of these people is the repeating interest in purchase of Arabian horses mainly from those two Studs. Buyers and Arabian horse lovers worldwide are meeting every year at the auction organized at Janów Podlaski Stud to spend here incredible amounts of money for the unique horses bred in Poland and especially in Janów Podlaski and Michalów. This top success has been only achieved by many years of selection, experience and knowledge of these people who learnt from their predecessors which is the irreplaceable advantage in the horse breeding.

Immediate dismissal of Anna Stojanowska, Marek Trela and Jerzy Bialobok from the whole system without any possibility to share and transmit their experiences achieved during many years of hard work means big disruption and it can cause the complete collapse of the whole Arabian horse breeding in Polish state studs. This would lead to destruction of valuable heritage grown over centuries – which the Polish breeding of Purebred Arabian horses definitely is. This destruction would have immense consequences on national as well as international scene.

From all of the above mentioned reasons we would like to ask you to revise the decision from last Friday and to consider all consequences that would dismissal of these three experts have. I truly believe that all three are still ready to work hardly, same as they worked until the last day in their functions. They are helping to reach the prosperity and success of the Arabian horse breeding not only in Poland but also in abroad. Please let´s consider all the facts and results and try to keep the unique Polish breeding for the next generations.

Yours faithfully,

Jaroslav Lacina
President of ECAHO


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