25.2.16 Reporty z Mediów – Media Reports

2/25/16 Interview with Marek Trela

2/25/16 Article by journalist Anna Sarzyńska

2/25/16 Short article/introduction to the new director of Michalow, Anna Durmala

2/25/16 – The reasons for dismissal given by ANR and rebuttal

English translation:
Due to a loss of trust, the management boards of both of the above studs were dismissed on February 19th, 2016. The reasons for the dismissals included:
– A lack of proper breeding and veterinary supervision over Arabian horses in the case of Janów Podlaski. Confirming the lack of proper supervision are for example the circumstances associated with the illness, treatment and euthanasia of the mare Pianissima, whose value was estimated at 3 million euro. The death of the mare took place in October of 2015. For comparison, the mare Pepita achieved a price of 1,4 million euro at the record-breaking sale in Janów Podlaski in August of 2015.
– The allowing of the managements of both studs to collect a larger number of embryos by foreign clients than permitted by the Polish regulations.
– The concluding of lease agreements for mares with foreign breeding centers by the managements of both studs in a way that did not fully protect the interests of Polish entities and limited the possibilities of making claims

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