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Ignacy Jaworowska
Ignacy Jaworowski

A moving letter from three women closest to the history of the Arabian horse in Poland: Maria Jaworowska (the widow of Michalow Director Ignacy Jaworowski) and his two daughters – Dorota Janiszewska and Agnieszka Rozwadowska.

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the dismissal of two of the world’s greatest and most beloved Arabian horse breeders from their positions as Presidents of Janow Podlaski & Michalow Studs.Both of these gentlemen are well known to us for 39 years, as both my sister and I were born and raised in Michalow, where our father became the founder and director of the same stud in 1954.

The origins of Michalow Stud were very difficult. As a young animal scientist & breeding specialist, our father arrived to Michalow with very poor breeding stock. There were no stables, no staff and the farmland had been sadly neglected. Through the course of 45 years of hard and dedicated labour, he created one of the most beautiful and well-respected Arabian horse studs both in Poland and the entire world, building stables as well as selecting, training and cultivating capable horsepeople from grooms to breeding specialists.

Jerzy Bialobok is the successor of our father – Ignacy Jaworowski. Since 1977, Jerzy Bialobok has learned through everyday practical application and transference of knowledge and experience about the art, philosophy and science of horse breeding from his predecessor. Thankfully, the legacy of horse breeding that began with the founder of Michalow – our father Director Ignacy Jaworowski – has continued faithfully under the leadership and guidance of Jerzy Bialobok. Not only has this legacy been faithfully preserved, the success of Michalow has blossomed even more spectacularly under the direction of Jerzy Bialobok. At present, the stud has 425 horses in the herd, including many international champions that have brought acclaim to the stud from the most elite shows both in Poland and around the world.

Under Jerzy Bialobok’s leadership, new stables as well as a modern reproductive centre were built at Michalow. In 2001, under Jerzy Bialobok’s tenure as president, Michalow was awarded the Polish Presidential Award of Excellence for the Most Financially Successful Agricultural Property in the country.

We are also very familiar with the qualifications and successes of Marek Trela, President of Janow Podlaski and well respected and accomplished horseman and breeding specialist in his own right. Having known him as long as we have known Jerzy Bialobok, we are aware that Marek Trela was able to gain experience and knowledge about Arabian horse breeding under the mentorship of the late Janow Podlaski Director Andrzej Krzysztalowicz.

Director Krysztalowicz is recognized the world over as one of the greatest breeders and stewards of the Arabian breed.

Both of these men have devoted their entire professional lives to Arabian horse breeding and these State Stud Farms, often at the expense of their own private prosperity. They have achieved the highest level of success within the global Arabian horse world, and are recognized as breeding authorities and experts of the highest possible calibre the world over. As judges, they have often officiated the most elite Arabian horse events around the world. Marek Trela currently serves in the very honourable and prestigious position as the Vice President of WAHO (World Arabian Horse Organization).

The decision by the ANR to summarily dismiss these distinguished industry leaders from Janow Podlaski & Michalow is incomprehensible and will undoubtedly have a gravely negative effect on Arabian horse breeding in Poland. Random appointees are frankly incapable of managing the State Studs at a global level of excellence, as it takes years of practical experience and careful preparation. Both Trela & Bialobok had, and still have, the proven experience and successful track record to lead.

We are absolutely certain, and thankful to God, that the global prestige the Studs has made the Polish Arabian horse our National Treasure.

In the current situation, only you, sir, the Minister of Agriculture, has the authority to reverse this decision and return these men, Marek Trela & Jerzy Bialobok, to their positions of leadership. It is for this reinstatement that we kindly ask your favour. The reinstatement of both men would not only be a direct reflection of their considerable merits, but would allow both men to continue to breed the next generation of Polish, European & World Champions, as well as to train successors to continue the invaluable legacy of Polish Arabian horse breeding. Please do allow the achievements and passionate dedication of these men, and their predecessors before them, to be destroyed.

Yours Faithfully,

Agnieszka Jaworowska Rozwadowska
Dorota Jaworowska Janiszewska
Maria Jaworowska – widow of the late Director Ignacy Jaworowski


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