Judith Forbis, Ansata Arabian Stud, and Founder, The Pyramid Society, USA

Judith Forbis is recognized worldwide as an expert in Arabian breeding, having founded the Ansata Arabian Stud over 50 years ago, and author of many books about Arabian horses. She is also a founding member, Past President, and Trustee of The Pyramid Society. She sees the parallels between the dangers faced in saving the Egyptian state studs in the past and what is happening in Poland today. Her letter has been publicized by The Pyramid Society, which is devoted to the perpetuation of the Egyptian Arabian horse

I remember well when after the revolution in Egypt when King Farouk was deposed and the Nasser regime took over in the early l950’s, the historical Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) was to be closed. Fortunately Sayed Marei, the new Minister of Agriculture, intervened and convinced Nasser that this historical Egyptian treasure should remain open. Nasser listened. The name was changed to the Egyptian Agricultural Organization (EAO), the farm name changed from Kafr Farouk to El Zahraa, and all progressed beautifully for awhile as imports from EAO poured into America and other countries and provided much needed dollars to Egypt’s economy.

Many years later when I was president of The Pyramid Society and Egypt was again in an economic downturn, I received a letter from Egyptian breeder Omar Sakr, saying that the EAO was in jeopardy of being closed again and could The Pyramid Society please write to the Minister of Agriculture explaining its value to the Arabian horse world, and to please keep it open. We complied, as did other concerned breeders, and the EAO was saved again. When hard times again fell on Egypt in recent years before and after the Arab Spring, with the many changes in government the EAO was suffering. However, private breeders came to the rescue again and the EAO soldiers on.

Poland has been through World Wars but still managed to save its Arabian horses and reestablish its prestigious breeding farms. In every case, Arabian breeders around the world have come together – no matter their preference of bloodlines – to save the priceless heritage of the Arabian horses that have been under government control. The time has come once again to rally behind the three officials who have dedicated their lives to and helped maintain the elite studs of Poland, and to be sure these historic stud farms remain open not only as cultural treasure to Poland, but to the Arabian horse community worldwide.

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