26.2.16 Reporty z Mediów – Media Reports

2/26/16 Attempt to interview new director in Janow Podlaski

2/26/16 Kielce article – interview with Jerzy Bialobok

2/26/16 TokFM Radio interview with Anna Stojanowska

English Summary

Actor and equestrian Daniel Olbrychski interviewed on tv24

English short summary:
The famous Polish actor Daniel Olbychski, also an accomplished equestrian, was interviewed on television in front of a huge backdrop picture of Dir. Bialabok, speaking about the situation. He compares the recent actions to the situation after World War II when Władysław Gomułka basically ran Poland and was so anti-horse that many of the Arabians that had so gallantly been saved were then lost. Then the TV channel cuts to a response from a government official (who claims nothing is being ruined by this change); Olbychski shoots right back, saying “this is like replacing the Symphony director with a shoemaker because he belongs to PiS [the new ruling government party in Poland] – how ironic.”

2/26/16 Article on the sham hearing of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (KRRW) [courtesy of Swiat Koni]

2/26/16 Private breeders interview prior to their planned testimony in Parliament committee. After waiting nine hours, they were told they could not testify and were sent home [courtesy of Swiat Koni]

English Summary

2/26/16 Editorial by Monika Olejnik about the dismissal

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