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Founded in 1970, the World Arabian Horse Organization is a registered charity with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. There are now 79 countries affiliated to WAHO as Registering Authority Members, either in their own right or in the care of a neighbouring studbook authority, together with 4 applying member countries. WAHO has the responsibility of ensuring that standards acceptable to all our Registering Authority Members are established and maintained in the matters of regulations, methods of registration and production of Stud Books.

The basic objectives of WAHO are, in brief:

  • To preserve, improve and maintain the purity of the blood of horses of the Arabian breed and to promote public interest in the science of the breeding of Arabian horses;
  • To promote and facilitate the acquisition and distribution of the knowledge in all Countries of the history, care and treatment of horses of the Arabian breed;
  • To advise and co-ordinate the policies and activities of Members of the Organization;
  • To co-operate with any person or body of persons domiciled throughout the world in an endeavour to promote uniformity in terminology, definitions and procedures relative to the breed of Arabian horses;
  • To act in a consultative capacity in discussion and negotiation with International, National and other authorities on matters concerning horses of the Arabian breed.



Some of our WAHO Members are already aware of what has happened in Poland in the past week. For those of you who are not, a quick summary is that due to the rapid and sweeping changes brought in by the recently elected Polish government, several hundred directors or managers of state enterprises at all levels and professions have already been replaced in their posts. This is in accordance with a new law which allows that more than 1,600 civil service directors, who are apolitical, can be sacked and replaced without the need for a competitive board.

It had been hoped this would not affect the Arabian State Studs, which have always been protected by Poland’s previous governments, whatever their politics, as they were considered as National Treasures because of their importance to the nation as a whole.

Unfortunately, on Friday 19th February 2016 this hope was destroyed. In the late afternoon, Dr. Marek Trela (Director of Janów Podlaski Stud and WAHO Vice President), Mr. Jerzy Białobok (Director of Michałów Stud) and Mrs. Anna Stojanowska (Inspector of Horse Breeding at the Agricultural State Property Agency) were simultaneously dismissed from their posts with no warning and no reasons given to them by the authorities. Since then, the Agricultural State Property Agency (ANR) has appointed a new individual at both Janów Podlaski and Michałów to take over the management, but from available information neither appears to have the level of experience necessary for such an important task.

This action, which has quickly reverberated around the world, is of immense concern to WAHO, as we believe that the safe future of these iconic State Studs with their long history and continuity of breeding has been put at risk. We therefore felt it imperative to act by expressing this concern to the authorities in Poland. The letter reproduced in the .pdf attachment was sent respectively to the President of Poland Mr. Andrzej Duda, to the Prime Minister Mrs. Beata Szydło, to the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Krzysztof Jurgiel, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Witold Waszczykowski and to the President of the Agricultural State Property Agency Mr. Waldemar Humięcki.

(Link to WAHO News Post and downloadable .pdf of letter)

WAHO would like to reassure our Members that Dr. Marek Trela of course continues in his position as our highly valued and internationally respected Vice President, with our full support.

The WAHO Executive Committee is also sure we can rely on all our WAHO Registering Authority Members, Associate Members and Individual Associate Members to support not only Dr. Marek Trela, but also Mr. Jerzy Białobok and Mrs Anna Stojanowska, who have been largely responsible for continuing to raise the international reputation of the Polish State Studs’ Arabian horse breeding programmes. Between them have over 100 collective years experience of working at and with the Polish Arabian State Studs, and as such they are rightfully held in the highest regard around the world. To lose this wealth of wisdom overnight, without allowing them the opportunity to pass on their knowledge to their successors, would create a great risk to the successful breeding programmes of Poland and thereby to the many WAHO Members around the world who rely on incorporating Polish Arabians into their breeding programmes. WAHO sincerely hopes the Government of Poland will reconsider their decision.


Mr. Peter Pond, President. Australia
Dr. Marek Trela, Vice President. Poland
Mr. David Angold, Treasurer. United Kingdom
Mrs. Valerie Bunting, Secretary. France
Mr. Robert J. Fauls. U.S.A.
Mr. Xavier Guibert.   France
Mr. Basil Jadaan. Syria
Lady Georgina Pelham. Argentina
Mr. Howard Pike. U.S.A.
Mr. Ali Shaarawi. Egypt.
Mr. Sami Suleiman Al Nohait, Saudi Arabia (currently absent, for health reasons)

HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein Al Saleh. Jordan
Mr. Sami Jassim Al Boenain. Qatar
Mrs. Caroline Sussex. United Kingdom

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