Christie & Henry Metz – Silver Maple Farm, USA

Christie and Henry Metz of Silver Maple Farm in California have been actively breeding Arabian horses for over 25 years. Henry is the former President of The Pyramid Society, while both Henry and Christie serve as Trustees for the same invaluable organization.

For 25 years, my husband, Henry and I have bred straight Egyptian Arabians at Silver Maple Farm in the United States. Both of us have served in many capacities within this global industry and traveled extensively because of the breed. For this reason, we understand completely the place that the Polish Arabians have in the worldwide breeding continuum and global community of Arabian horses. Our global community is bound together by the shared love of the breed and it is this bond that has me writing to you today.

Polish Arabian horses are on the world show circuit; visible as a key part of breeding studs all over the world. This features Poland and its history in the most positive light. Poland and Arabian horses are synonymous. Your countries’ travails under Communism and the World Wars are well known; almost everyone knows the story of the Polish State Studs; how they began and their struggles to remain working farms preserving the horses, their stories are a legend in the Arabian horse world and beyond.

Politics seems to be notoriously blind with regard to the Arts and Historic sites. The State Studs are both Art (the art of breeding) as well as Historical locations. Now, for whatever reasons you, the new government, have taken an action and stance that is shocking the world.  The Polish Arabian horses, along with their caretakers (Jerzy, Anna and Mark) in our view are the best “Ambassadors”  that you have working on behalf of your country. They are well respected internationally and sought after for their expertise in breeding, judging and speaking. Your Arabian horses bring people from all over the world to Poland and they in turn discover your beautiful country and your wonderful people. Literally, the horses are National treasures and the State Studs gold star models for dedicated breeding to the rest of the World. Please do not decimate the Arabian community by replacing Anna Stojanowska, Jerzy Bialbok & Marek Trela. The world community sees them as the guardians of these horses and to have them removed is unthinkable. To have them excluded from contributing their extensive and caring knowledge to the rest of the global Arabian community as representatives of the State Studs of Poland is so very sad and a terrible loss.

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