David Boggs, Midwest Training Center, USA

David Boggs, owner, trainer, and manager of Midwest Training Center, USA, was responsible for guiding the show ring successes of two of Poland’s most recent leases to North America: WIEZA MOCY for Michalow Stud and POGROM for Janow Podlaski Stud. 

It is with the gravest concern that I write to you today. As the founder and President of Midwest Training and Breeding Stations in the United States, I am at the helm of the most successful and lucrative Arabian horse marketing program in the world. My clients, under my guidance, annually spend millions upon millions of American dollars on the purchasing or leasing of purebred Arabian horses.

It has been my pleasure through the years, to establish relationships with the Polish breeders that have resulted in the importation to the United States of some of Poland’s greatest equine treasures. For example, under the management of Midwest, both Pogrom and Wieza Mocy came to America through lease arrangements lucrative to the Polish government to showcase the Polish breeding programs at our most important events. Each of them has returned to Poland after winning the highest possible honors, including the title of United States National Champion, increasing their monetary and intrinsic value accordingly. The interest in Polish breeding that has been generated in the greater Arabian horse community both here and abroad because of those arrangements is incalculable.

The dismissal of Janow Podlaski State Stud Director Marek Trela, Michalow State Stud Director Jerzy Bialobok and Agricultural Property Agency Chief Arabian Horse Specialist Anna Stojanowska, the three most respected people in Polish Arabian breeding, seriously undermines my confidence in being able to represent the Polish Arabian horse as a choice for my clients in the future. It is through the connections that these three individuals made with breeders worldwide that the annual Pride of Poland auction and private treaty sales have been so successful and have provided the people of Poland with an ongoing income source that is now in jeopardy. The loss of the accumulated knowledge of these dedicated horsemen is particularly devastating, as they represent over 100 years of continuous devotion to Polish Arabian breeding, having worked hand in hand with their fabled predecessors for decades before assuming their former positions.

I urge you, in the strongest possible terms, to reconsider what appears to be a precipitous and dangerous decision. Reinstate Marek Trela, Jerzy Bialobok, and Anna Stojanowska to their rightful positions at once. Doing so will go a long way in mending the rift that you have created by demonstrating that you have the best interests of the Polish Arabian horse at heart.

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  1. Well said David. After touring Janow Poslaski and Michalow in 2014 with Midwest and having the honor of meeting Jerzy Bialobok and Malek Trela, it is truly a sad time for the Arabian Horse. We all hope the crisis in Poland with the State Farms can be settled in a timely fashion for the benefit of us all worldwide.
    Don and Leslie, Flightline Farm Arabians, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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