Andrew K. Steen, Celebrated Author & Arabian Horse Historian, Spain

Andrew K. Steen is one of the foremost authorities on Arabian horse history in the world. He is the author of several of books on Arabian horse history that are “must reads” for all breed devotees. 

Kindly add my name to the long list of dedicated Arabian horse breeders and aficionados that is saddened, disappointed and outraged, by the recent events that have placed the Polish National Stud and its unique and priceless herd of Arabian horses in dire jeopardy of being forever lost.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s decision to abruptly fire and replace the Directors of the Studs who have dedicated many decades of their lives to the preseveration and perpetuation of one of the most renowned herds of Arabians in the world, is tantamount to cultural suicide! The ruling is disgraceful, contemptable. It is so ill-advised, illogical and imprudent, that it smacks of absolute stupidity.

The National Studs of Poland have greatly enriched and improved the quality of the horses bred at countless breeding farms throughout the world. They are a fundamental part of Poland’s history, heritage and worldwide prestige. The Ministry’s purely political decision must be reversed without delay.

– Andrew K. Steen

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  1. I totally agree with you. I knew Marek Trela and he was (and is) a veryexperienced and honest man. To put a person in charge of such a valuable herd of horses who has no equine experience is idiotic. What it needs is for everyone to boycott future Polish sales until the three are reinstated.

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