Frances & Paul Atkinson, Cullinghurst Stud, UK

Frances & Paul Atkinson of Cullinghurst Stud, UK, represent generations of internationally respected breeders, judges, exhibitors and horsepeople.     

I write from the Cullinghurst Arabian Stud in the United Kingdom.

My husband Paul  Atkinson and I,  Frances Atkinson, have for many years (30 +) travelled to Poland to attend the Polish National Show and Auction.

Over the years we have purchased a number of mares from the sale and both of us have had the pleasure of judging with Directors Trela & Bialobok and Mrs. Stojanowska around the world.   We are disappointed and very concerned to learn of their sudden dismissal from their positions and also for the  future of the Arabian Horse.

The removal of these most important, influential and long serving stewards of the Arabian horse in Poland come as a great surprise to us  and while we are unsure of the political motivation of this decision, we, as part of the  international Arabian community unite in the support of these dedicated horse people.

The invaluable importance of the Polish State Studs in breeding programs around the world can never be forgotten or underestimated and we ask you , with the greatest of respect, to reinstate Directors Trela & Bialobok and Chief Specialist Stojanowska to their positions of leadership, not only in Poland, but in the worldwide Arabian horse community.   We must also respectfully urge the current Polish government to preserve the State Studs of Janow Podlaski, Michalow & Bialka, and secure the future of Poland’s National Treasure –  the Arabian horse.

Yours respectfully,

Frances and Paul Atkinson

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