Jennifer Hurt, JRs Gentle Hills Farm, USA

I am writing to ask that you reconsider the termination of Anna Stojanowska, Jerzy Bialobok, and Marek Trela from their positions and return them to their former positions.

My husband and I own JRs Gentle Hills Farm in Strafford, Missouri, USA.  We stand JRs Legacy of Naborr (born 2008) – the youngest *Naborr grandson alive.  In order to promote and inform the public of his exquisite Pure Polish Sire line, I wrote of the importance and struggle of the history of this sire line for his promotional advertising brochure.  I am enclosing that written piece for you so that you understand why breeders, such as I, understand and value the sacrifices Poland has made in producing the incredible Polish Arabians that we can enjoy today but also so that you can be reminded of the sacrifices and love of the people behind these incredible Polish Arabians and why it is important to keep those who not only know the history of the Polish bloodlines but have the knowledge to continue to make the right decisions in the position of making the breeding decisions so that the future generations can continue to enjoy the incredible Polish Arabian Horse.

It is with the most highest respect that I pray that you read this three page writing and let it give you understanding as to why it is important that Anna Stojanowska, Jerzy Bialobok, and Marek Trela be return to their former positions at once.

Jennifer Hurt
JRs Gentle Hills Farm
Strafford, MO, USA

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