Mickey Hegg, International Breeder & Judge, Ireland


It has come to my attention that the directors of Bialka, Janow Podlaski, and Michalow, have all been terminated from their responsibilities with their respective studs. To say that I am disappointed in this action would not begin to express my total disbelief. The knowledge that will be lost in the continuity of breeding the world’s best Arabian horses will be a severe blow to the breed, not to even mention the market. The Arabian horse is Poland’s National Treasure, as validated in the book by Zenon Lipowicz.

We have been coming to Poland every year for the National Show, Arabian Horse Days, Auction, and farm tours. We have purchased five horses from the various farms, have intentions of looking for another colt/stallion, but without the direction of these master breeders with their advice, are questioning whether to do so.

Please reinstate these three expert and knowledgable directors, to maintain the continuity and effectiveness of the Polish breeding programs. You have survived wars, occupation, pestilence and the Russian Army devouring the horses, and the devotion of all the directors have helped the breeding to survive and thrive. Please reconsider the plan you have embarked upon, and reinstate these breeding experts, who are respected worldwide. Thank you for not letting this happen.

Best regards,

Mickey Hegg

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