Jeff & Roxanne Schall, Shada Inc, USA

Jeff & Roxanne Schall, with Jeff’s brother Jerry, manage Shada Inc in Minnesota, one the breed’s leading training and management facilities with over three decades of success. 

As a person who has committed his entire adult life of 31 years to the Arabian horse, and its breeders and enthusiasts, I would urge the Polish government to reevaluate the international importance of their breeding program and the people for whom helped make it so amazing. The expertise, wisdom and respect that Marek Trela, Jerzy Bialobok & Anna Stojanowska have is priceless. Their impact on the Arabian “Polish Stamp of Excellence” is felt, admired and revered around the globe.

No matter large or small, of wealth or modest means, if ever you have owned or encountered the Arabian Horse you have witnessed and experienced in some fashion the influence of the Polish Arabian. Granted my plea may be of little concern to some, given the fact that I have never been a direct customer, although I can assure you that our breed and your program is a better place because of these three individuals. Please make a difference in all of our lives and forge into the future with the same strong team you have had together for all these years!


Jeff Schall

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