Nina Suskevicova, Suweco Arabians, Czech Republic

Just ten days past, it is still hard to accept that the Polish government can act in such an irrational manner as to remove Marek Trela, Jerzy Bialobok and Anna Stojanowska from their positions of authority at the State Studs with no professional grounds. The government must recognise the value of three persons as the most valuable experts on the Polish National Treasure – the world-famous Polish Arabian State Studs and their breeding programs. Their names – Trela, Bialobok & Stojanowska – are the guarantee of quality within the State Studs to all partners and clients around the world. This faith and trust in the Polish Arabian horse has been built over decades through the efforts of these three – and their predecessors before them. Through these ill-advised actions of the government, this trust can easily be lost, running the risk that it can never be regained.

All breeders of Arabian horses worldwide must see the dismissal of these three people as the huge mistake. Playing politics with the Arabian horse – Poland’s National Treasure – is a dangerous game that can only end badly for everyone – people and horses alike. The greatest value of the Polish Arabian breeding program is the continuity of generations of knowledge and centuries of tradition. Marek Trela and Jerzy Bialobok are not only top experts of the Arabian horse in Poland, but the most successful and well respected breeders of Arabian horses in the world. Losing them both would cause irreparable harm to the breed not only in Poland,  but everywhere around the world.

The world believes this injustice can be corrected and that Marek, Jerzy and Ania can be reinstated to their positions of authority within the Polish State Studs. The future of the Polish Arabian breeding program is at stake. The world stands behind Poland and behind the best protectors – Trela, Bialobok & Stojanowska – of her National Treasure – the Polish Arabian horse.


Nina Suskevicova

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