Society of Hungarian Arabian Horse Breeders

Letter to Polish Minister of Agriculture from Magyarorszagi Arablotenyesztok Egyesulete (MALE):

Bábolna, 26th Februar, 2016
Att. Mr. Krzysztof Jurgiel
Minister of Agriculture

Dear Sir,

Arab horse breeding and cooperation in Poland and Hungary look back on 220 years of history. Since World War II, we have been watching with admiration how Polish studs achieved excellent results with consistent breeding efforts. That is evidenced by horse auction sales reaching EUR 4.6 million in 2015 despite the recession.

That was the beneficial consequence of alternating governments leaving specialists do their jobs without intervention. After the war, Mr. Andrzej Krzyształovicz was followed by Dr. Marek Trela, while Mr. Ignacy Jaworowski passed the baton to Mr. Jerzy Biaɫobok in Michalow, that is to say two persons were responsible for ensuring the consistency of breeding at each stud during the past 70 years. In comparison, 4 chief executives have followed each other’s track at Bábolna, Hungary, since 2008, and as a result no more than 2 pure-bred Arabian foals were born in 2015. Are you sure you want that to happen you?
National studs will never be replaced by private keepers of horses who develop today only to disappear tomorrow. Naturally, there certainly are ambitious private breeders out there, but one must admit that your horses could not have reached the price level that every competitor admired at the auction last year if they had not been bred and raised in Janow and Michalow. Just as one does not buy a Rolex at a roadside bazaar, once a pure-bred Arabian leaves a stud, it will be worth a fraction of its original value. Are you sure you want that to happen to you?

Your recently dismissed professionals have always demonstrated the deepest loyalty to Polish horse breeding and the government in office from time to time, and have worked themselves and Polish-bred Arabian horses up to become the most distinguished global envoys of their homeland. These professionals must have made mistakes, just as everyone does, but your decision on dismissal was politically rather than a professionally motivated. The market of Arabian horses is a highly sensitive domain, your partners in the past may as well turn their backs on you now. Are you sure you want that to happen to you?
Breeders’ vision of the future spans generations, politicians only keep election cycles in sight. Horse breeding is a process that takes longer than a political cycle, so you should not heed the advice of consultants who, motivated by envy or the hope of other immediate gain, have prompted ill-conceived advice this time. The method of beheading all studs simultaneously was typical of Hungary in the 1950s. Time is running short, but perhaps it is not too late for you to wisely reverse your decision now that you recognise its international impact and financial consequences, so as to live up to the expectations of a civic government.

We trust your wisdom and consideration: why let perish now what even wars and dictatorships could not destroy?

Yours sincerely,
Dr Walter Hecker, Honorary President
Tamás Rombauer, Chairman

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