Ann Norden, International Judge & Breeder, Sweden

Due to the very disturbing situation in Poland and the world famous State studs concerning the ill-advised removal of lifelong knowledge and leadership, I would humbly call on you to reinstate Ms. Anna Stojanowska, Mr. Jerzy Bialobok and Dr. Marek Trela to their positions of authority.

These three have never in their duty as either representing their forefathers or the country of Poland abroad, in the State Studs or while judging the most prestigious shows in the world, done anything to bring harm to Poland, but have acted always in the best interest of Poland and ECAHO.

I hereby state that I will not accept to judge in Poland and one of the greatest shows in the world – the Polish National Championships, until these three eminent guardians of the Arabian Horse are reinstated in their rightful positions.

With the highest respect for these three horse experts,

Mrs Ann Nordén, Sweden

ECAHO – A judge
Member of the Swedish Trust of Arab Horse Registry

Vice president of Spargodt AB, Sweden – Agricultural Company
Vice President of Inka AB,Sweden – Constuction Company

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