Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association

Dear Sirs,

ABCCA – Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association – as the official Arabian Horse Breeders’ entity within the Brazilian territory, would like hereby to express its full support to dedicated horse people in Poland of invaluable importance to the Arabian horse breeding, namely Mr. Marek Trela from Janow Podlaski, Mr. Jerzy Bialobok from Michalow, and Mrs. Anna Stojanowska from the Agricultural Property Agency.

In this regard we would like to point out our concern over the dismissal of those professionals who devoted their talent and their professional and personal lives to these jobs, becoming internationally respected experts, serving the Arabian horse community worldwide with significant contributions to some of the most highly esteemed breeding programs.

Therefore we are kindly asking this honorable Authority/entity… to reconsider such decisions, which may cause irreparable harm not only to the greatest value of the Polish Arabian breeding program, but to the breed everywhere around the world.

In the meantime let us once more express our full respect for your entity… as well the thanks in advance in the name of the Brazilian Arabian horse breeders.


Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association

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